Escapages book series

Vice Versa

Two strangers are meeting, heading for the same destination. One is a murderer; the other a victim. But who is who?

In this unique and ground-breaking book, 46 puzzles have been placed alongside a gripping narrative. The only way to solve the puzzles is to have a companion work through the puzzles, using the other edition of this book.

Sometimes you’ll have half a puzzle, and they’ll have the other half. You’ll have a code, and they’ll have the key to that code. Using your wits and the occasional internet search, you will work to uncover the buried third story, hidden within puzzles, codes and ciphers.

Whether sitting next to each other, or on the other side of the world, you will need to work together to discover the truth.

Each puzzle is fully supported with a QR code linking to the Escapages website, so you can check as you go.

Please Note: This is a cooperative puzzle escape book – in order to successfully solve any of the puzzles, you will need a partner playing with the companion TAILS edition.

Miracle 47 interactive puzzle book

In the last months of 1947, as World War II came to a close, Walter Brattain and his physicist colleagues at Bell labs were reorganised into a solid-state research group.
They theorised that new experiments with semiconducting silicon could produce a more efficient amplifier which would bring huge improvements in telecommunications.

Little did they know that their experimental results would revolutionise the emerging world of micro-electronics, fuelling far-reaching advances in technology, be applied to new “computing” machines and lead to December 1947 being dubbed the “miracle month”.
They also had little idea that many people would go to great lengths to get their hands on Brattain’s laboratory notebook to uncover the secrets of this research and turn them to other sinister uses as the cold war got underway. Who were these people, who was funding them and how did they keep getting one step ahead of Bell’s security?

Brattain was forced to encode all of his findings – including his suspicions about his colleague and rival, William Shockley. Discover from the puzzles and riddles in his lab book what he had stumbled upon and the decoy trail that he left to foil his infiltrators.

As you work through and solve each of the 40 puzzles, visit the unique website URL for each puzzle to collect the key for a correct answer. Write them down in the book as you’ll need these to solve further puzzles and ultimately piece the story together.

You’ll need an internet connected device with a browser, but no special app. You may need to think laterally to solve for the word or number answer in each puzzle. Walter left clues on the pages – everything was intentional. The keys are words or numbers that will be used later on in the book. You don’t need to understand the subject matter, but it will be intriguing to the more technically minded. You’ll be prompted to write, draw, combine pages, listen and move puzzle pieces around. Some puzzles you may see straight away, others will be a journey of discovery and mystery as you get into the story to find the correct answer.

Prisoner 7 interactive escape puzzle game

Prisoner 7 is an unknown person, kept in an unknown location, and is a blight on Henry VIII’s reputation. 
In this book, you need to use logic, clues and tangental thinking to firstly identify the prisoner, and then help them escape. 

Each of the 41 puzzles can be done in sequence ideally. Some puzzles rely upon previous clues in order to be completed. 
Once you think you have solved each puzzle, visit this site to enter the key, or scan the QR code. You will be given a clue: write this down as they are vital for future puzzles. You will only need a pencil, the Internet and your wits to solve the puzzles.

Good luck and godspeed.

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