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Posting Competition - September 2019

Hello puzzlers,

We are aware that you like to get information from different places - this forum,  Twitter, Facebook (and even Instagram). While social media channels are better for one-off enquiries, we know that to help others, the forum needs to grow in posts. 

This is where YOU come in. We would love more interaction and posting from users, so this September, we are running a challenge. If you add 20 hints (20 separate posts), we will send you one free book from our forthcoming title. If you add 40, we will send you two books. 

We can sadly only send these out to UK addresses currently.

Get posting, and happy puzzling!

kisanna12 has reacted to this post.

Hi! Will you announce the winners / achievers of this competition?
Was the "forthcoming title" mentioned here to be won the Escape the Compund book?
Just so that we know if we should back Flatpack at the regular level or the one that comes with that other book 🙂 Thank you, and keep up the productivity! 😀

Calavandriel has reacted to this post.
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