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Puzzle 16

Where do the footsteps lead?

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Ok, i have solved all but No16... I've tried tens of different words, I have to find out what happened to Holly!
Do we only follow the paired footsteps? Seems logical, but then again this is a puzzle book. Is this a legit hint? I've tried to implement, but nothing's come off it 🤦‍♀️

Sanity tokens asap, please!! TIA

Hi - well done on solving all the puzzles*. This one is a straightforward circular maze. Weave through the gaps from one of the entrances to the middle and you will have a sequence of letters.

*There are actually 33 puzzles in the book, but no-one has found the last one yet.

You mean:

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.


16 solved!! Finally!! All the pieces of the puzzle 😃👍

There are the three times on the facing page and then there is one more hidden puzzle.

Cool! I thought I'd found them all, but that's an exciting curveball! 😃👌