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Puzzle 23

Any hints?  Not noughts and  crosses.  Tried morse (despite not being in keeping with time period) - nothing 🙁

Who wins in each game? Is there a shape or pattern overall?


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I find who wins. But ooxoo dont match. anything else? 

I would get a highlighter and mark a X or O on each game depending on who wins. An image will emerge in this pattern.

I did it all these. But I can't recognize the image. Any help/

I find something like 53, but it 's not right.


it’s not a number, but a simple shape

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

The puzzle in position 4x4 is 9 Xs, and the one at the start of row 5 isn't a valid tic-tac-toe game either, with X having made 2 moves and O having made 5.
So that makes you instantly discount tic-tac-toe (or naughts and crosses, or nine mens morris or whatever) as being relevant.

Also if you count the one with 9 Xs as a X win, that breaks the image of the arrow pointing up, because you get an extra pixel in the image that breaks the image.

Is this another misprint?

I can’t work this out, any more hints?

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