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Puzzle 43

Unfortunately I can't get any further here, here are my approaches for a solution.
Add up all values of a cell. For "HEAD" I get the following sums:
17, 5, 7, 1
6, 16, 7, 1
9, 8, 21, 4
6, 5, 7, 12
If I look here only at the sums divisible by three, I get "E, A, N, N, E".

If a similar approach is used for "TAIL", I get cells without a value.
So I went over to it and added the sums of "HEAD" AND "TAIL".

From here on I have problems, if I now apply "sum/3" for "HEAD" and "odd one out" for "TAIL" to this new matrix, I get nothing meaningful. Even if I apply both rules together to the combined matrix, I get only nonsense.

Can anyone help?

Far too complex thinking. For head, pay attention to the note on the page, sum the visible numbers and divide them by 3 (nothing more). Follow the resulting line.

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